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Thread: Site Rules

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    Site Rules

    Updated last: Check last edit date -_-

    Common sense people, not that hard.

    Posting: No spam, it's simple, if you have spam, take it to the Spambox, it's there for a reason. As for what spam is, if the post is meaningless, doesn't contribute, completely off topic, simply flaming, trolling, etc, it is considered spam. Obviously some posts will go offtrack and that is expected, but continuing that derailment for several posts (half dozen or so), you will be warned and posts deleted.

    Respect: I doubt I have to say this but respect each other people. Don't go trolling to piss people off, the occasional troll is fine but nothing that causes commotion and the like. Also, respect the staff, they're there for a reason. Finally if you have complaints about the site, don't go bitching to me about how the site sucks. Take it to the Suggestions Forum and do it there in a polite manner pl0x, if you start flaming at me I'll simply close the thread and ignore it.

    NSFW content: It's not hard, spoiler it and leave a warning beforehand saying what the NSFW content is, if the content is extremely NSFW (gore, disturbing, etc) LINK IT, do NOT post images with the [img] tag.

    Images: Large images are automatically resized to I believe 600px width, there will be a small yellow bar above the resized image, click to enlarge. Also keep in mind the NSFW rule, if it's extremely NSFW, DON'T USE THE IMAGE TAG, LINK IT!!!!!!! (and spoiler with warning)

    Thanking System: It's there to reflect a user's quality, do NOT abuse this system by going, "Oh I'll thank you so thank me back". Users found abusing this system will immediately have 5 thanks removed (if you go into the negative, it's your problem). A subsequent warning will follow as well.

    Thread Necromancy: I don't think we'll have to worry about this for awhile but remember, if you revive an old thread (a month or older) then you better be either asking a meaningful question or updating with new information. Thread Necromancy will result in a warning on the spot.

    Banning: There is no such thing as an insta-ban, save for one case, but in general a ban will not be issued by staff until looked upon on a case-by-case basis. The only exception to this rule is if you stack up 5(five) warnings. Each warning will expire after 10 days, you'll have to be especially bad to get banned from this... These bans last 24 hours but may be extended on the severity of each warning. If a user if banned several times, again, this will be on a case-by-case basis, the user's bans will either be extended to a week, or will be permanently banned. However I doubt we'll ever have to perma-ban anyone.

    Market Place/Username Color: You may NOT change your username or usertitle to anything that imitates a staff, this includes changing your color to staff colors, changing your usertitle, changing your username to imitate staff, etc. Users found doing this will first get a warning, and a second time will result in an instant ban on the spot, no questions asked. The Market is a privilage, not to be taken advantage of or fooled with.

    Arcade: It's there for fun, don't start glitching or cheating to get higher scores, will remove the score on sight and warning will be issued.

    Torrents: Touchy issue, but we're in the greenzone, you MAY, as in, you are allowed to post torrents as attachments or otherwise link them. The servers are not based on US if I remember correctly, but if we get a Cease and Desist warning, we will immediately remove the said torrent.

    Cursing: Keep it PG13 guys, we want to keep this forum mostly SFW, meaning I don't want excessive cursing, no f-bombs, etc etc. The occasional curse is fine, and if you need to use the f, try to censor the u or something, if it's in the chatbox, the rules on cursing are a bit more lenient though. Basically use common sense.

    Signature Size: Signature images may be up to 300px in height, 800 in width, past that, spoiler it please. First offence will simply be a staff telling you, second offense will be a warning, third one infraction, past that we reserve the right to ban you.

    Final Rule: Remember guys, this forum is for fun, SO GO HAVE FUN!!! (but respect the rules)

    The rules are simple, they're common sense, and I'm not asking for anything extreme, please respect and follow them.
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